Products & Services
Henna cones - $5 each. Now you can buy the same professional quality henna cones that Mehandi by Maggie uses. Made from scratch, 100% natural and 100% safe.

Henna hair colouring - $10 mixed /$8 unmixed. If you're tired of using boxed chemical dye and are looking for a natural alternative henna might just be the answer. Unlike "Herbal" or "Henna for Hair" products which can still contain dangerous chemicals or metallic salts Mehandi by Maggie's henna hair colour is simply pure henna and lemon juice. Since there are no chemicals or salts in the henna you can use chemical dye over the henna or strip it out without the worry of melting or frying your hair. The colour never fades and doesn't wash out and doesn't need the special care traditionally coloured hair needs.

**Henna cones and Hair henna can be delivered to you for just an extra $5 (within London)**

Mehandi Rates

Now offering scar cover-up!
Do you have a scar that's keeping you from enjoying your reflection in the mirror? Do you have a special event coming up that you want to hide a scar for? Now's your chance! Following the lines of the scar and working it into a unique to you design, Maggie can now cover up scars that you only wished would disappear. Enjoy sleeveless dresses again, backless gowns or that bikini that's been hiding in the back of your closet. Get out there and strut your stuff with confidence. 
(Priced by complexity and size)

Personal appointment - $20 minimum; designs priced by size and intricacy of desired design.
Events Birthday parties, bridal showers, baby showers, bachelorette parties, business openings, "girls night in". You name the occasion and Mehandi by Maggie will be there! 

Now offering a 1hr option!  Do you have a small party? Only a few guests and won't meet the 2 hour minimum? We were listening and now offer a 1hr option. Book Mehandi by Maggie for 1hr and pay $50, 1.5hrs is $75. This hourly rate still includes all the things you've come to expect. Design books, Sealant, glitter (optional) and aftercare instructions for each guest.

Having a larger party or want more henna? Don't worry we still offer the two hour or more option. Book more time and save!! 

For parties 2hrs or more the hourly rate is $45/hr this includes unlimited henna designs, sealant to keep henna on the skin longer for better results, choice of glitter (as venue dictates) and aftercare instructions. Events outside of London are subject to a travel fee, please refer to the bottom of this page for details.
**Effective immediately all events require a signed contract (provided by Maggie) to secure your date and time.

Bridal designs - $150 & up this includes a free 1hr bridal consultation within London, if you are outside of the city please contact me to make arrangements. Due to the busy Spring/Summer season a *refundable deposit and a signed contract is required to hold your date.
*Deposits are 100% refundable with 14 days notice of cancellation.
**Please note this is only for the bride's designs, Sangeets/Laylat al henna/hen parties will be charged at the event rate.

Note to brides;
*All bridal designs will be done no later then 48hrs before the wedding in order for stain to mature to it's full colour. 
*Please have your waxing/shaving, pedicure, manicure and tanning done before the application of henna. These things can severely affect the stain and longevity of the design. Mehandi by Maggie cannot be held responsible for stain quality if this or the aftercare instructions are not followed.
Prenatal/Belly Blessing- $25 & up, priced by design. 

Note to expectant Mothers;
Currently there are a lot of stories talking of henna designs causing blistering, infections and scarring these stories are all about "Black henna". Unfortunately some OB-GYNs are confused and are telling expectant mother's to steer clear of all henna during pregnancy. Pure henna is a safe and enjoyable experience for Moms-to-be.

An allergic reaction to natural henna is extremely rare and is one of the safest substances known (and much safer then nail polish, lipstick or hair dye). There is no known danger to Mother or child (other then a possible allergic reaction to the paste ingredients) during a prenatal design. In fact many Mothers find the application to be very relaxing.
If you or your doctor have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us for all the information you need.
Fundraisers- Please contact. Fundraisers will require a contract from now onwards.
Tattoo "test run" - Do you have a tattoo picked out but you're not completely sure you'd be able to live with the design for the rest of your life? Give it a "test run" in henna. 
Priced by design, please email with tattoo details (size, placement etc.) for quote. **Please note your stain/design will be brown not black.

Designs on consignment-Whether you want a unique tattoo designed, a wedding or birthday cake designed (and/or decorated), or envision having your walls decorated with henna designs Mehandi by Maggie does it all. 

Each client is given a free 1hr consultation to go over ideas and designs. Designing fee is $35/hr and can either be billed once the design is approved or bought in blocks of 1hr increments.
*Travel fees:*All events occurring outside of London have always been subject to a travel costs, while trying to keep these costs down the price of gas has risen. Travel fees therefore have increased, all events outside of London are now subject to a travel fee based on distance travelled. We have still tried our very best to keep this rate as low as possible and apologize for any inconvenience this causes.

Other reputable henna artists;
From time to time there are visitors who need an artist in their area which isn't always the same area Maggie services. So here is a list of artists which are not only extraordinarily talented but also only use 100% all natural, safe henna.


Minneapolis, Minnesota
Victoria Welch-

Other services 
  This is a list of other service providers that I have worked with and who provide excellent service in their field. If you're looking for any of these services I suggest starting with this list first.

- In London and area you will definitely want to check out my good friend Janet who has make skills like you wouldn't believe! www.facetrendsmakeup.com

- If you're looking for a make up artist for your destination wedding or other big event please do check out my very talented friend Missy. Now serving Hamilton, Ontario.
A number of photos in my gallery were shot by Courtney McIntosh who works out of Toronto. And as you can see she is incredibly talented. For more info please visit

I recently worked with Anne Edgar, a number of her photos will be displayed in the gallery. She works out of Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge as well as South Western Ontario. Anne's work as is fantastic! You can find her here;
I met Casandra at a fundraising event just recently and even got the chance to have my palms read and I was just shocked at how accurate the reading was and Casandra is truly a beautiful person. She's available for private readings as well as group readings (A Palmistry & Henna party? I think so!) Casandra also offers reflexology. Please do visit her website and treat yourself to a reading.

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